Black Bike Brown


It is a silly place.


Replacing the PowerBook G4, the MacBook Pro was the second model, after the iMac, to be announced in the Apple-Intel transition.

You weren’t on any mercy mission this time.

The first generation iPhone was released on June 29, 2007; the most recent iPhones, the seventh-generation iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S, were introduced on September 10, 2013.

FooPhone is an attempt to develop a mobile phone which contains only Foo.

The kind with looting and maybe starting a few fires!

Et iusto odio dignissimos ducimus qui blanditiis praesentium voluptatum deleniti atque.

I want to know what happened to the plans they sent you.

It is a silly place.

What good is a reward if you ain’t around to use it?